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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you remove acrylic/hard gel extensions or SNS?

No, I don't offer removal of products from other salons. Please have removed prior to your appointment and arrive with bare nails.

What is different about Apres Gel X nail extensions to traditional hard gel or acrylic nail extensions?

Apres Gel X nail extensions are a revolutionary soft gel nail extension system that are a full cover tip applied with a soft gel that can be soaked off, so no filing on the natural nail bed, no damage, quicker application, no odours or dust and no infilling. Just strong, durable, beautiful nails that will last 2-3 weeks. They also come in a selection of shapes and sizes so there's something for every nail.

Do you use traditional nail polish?

I don't stock traditional nail polish as 99.9%of my clientele request gel polish and I find you get much more time out of your manicure with a gel polish. If you would prefer to have a traditional polish, you are more than welcome to bring a polish along with you and I can apply it. Please don't bring any old, gluggy polishes though, I want your manicure to look as perfect as possible.


Why don't you infill other salons work?

I use Apres nails gel X extensions, which don't require any infilling, so you have fresh, fabulous nails nails every time. 

Also, products that other salons use may not be compatible with my products, so the mix of products won't result in a perfect, long lasting nail extension. 

I can however paint over or add nail art to existing nail extensions as long as you've had a recent rebalance or infill. 

Is there parking?

Yes, there is free parking at the front of the salon

Notes for lash clients

Please be sure to turn up to your lash lifting appointment with nothing on your lashes. Mascara takes a long time to remove and also can leave your lashes with an oily residue, so we won't be able to get the most out of your lash lift as the lash lift products won't be able to fully penetrate the lashes.

Does cosmetic tattooing hurt?

Everyone tolerates pain differently, but we use a numbing gel throughout the treatment that I find extremely effective and although some people may feel some discomfort, the majority of clients are completely unfazed and find it relatively painfree.


Can I get tattooing whilst pregnant or breastfeeding?

I do not provide tattoo services if you are currently pregnant.

Numbing creams cannot be used during pregnancy and it is important to specify that the numbing ingredients used are Lignocain 10% and Epinephrine .05%

If you are breastfeeding, you need to be able to pump and dump two feeds straight after the treatment due to anaesthetics in the milk.


How long does cosmetic tattoo last? 

Cosmetic tattooing is semi permanent so doesn’t last the same as body tattoo and will fade gradually over 2-3 years. When you decide you’d like to refresh your brows, we can book you for a maintenance session and get them looking fresh again!


How long do tattoo treatments take?

I always book out 3 hours for tattoo treatments, but the actual treatment usually takes 60-90 mins and we also have plenty of time to map out the perfect brows for you. 


Will you infill my old tattoo?

It depends, this goes on a case to case basis depending on the old tattoo, the shape and how saturated they are. All new clients are treated as a new tattoo, even if you have old tattoo done by another technician

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